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BURNDY Stainless Steel "W", "U", "P" & "L" Crimping Dies

Stainless Steel "W", "U", "P" & "L" Crimping Dies

Stainless Steel dies are rust free and more durable than standard tool steel dies.  Stainless Steel can also be laser engraved for pronounced engravings to ensure correct matching and increased inspectability of each connection after the crimp.

COPPER WIRE                                              ALUMINUM WIRE
UDIEKITCU Includes                                     UDIEKITAL Includes
Catalog Number            Wire Size                Catalog Number
U5CRT                           #6 AWG                   U6CABT
U4CRT                           #4 AWG                   U4CABT
U2CRT                           #2 AWG                   U2CABT
U1CRT-1                        #1 AWG                   U1CART
U25RT                           1/0 AWG                  U25ART
U26RT                           2/0 AWG                  U26ART
U27RT                           3/0 AWG                  U27ART
U28RT                           4/0 AWG                  U28ART
U29RT                           250 kcmil                U29ART
U30RT                           300 kcmil                U30ART
U31RT                           350 kcmil                U31ART
U32RT                           400 kcmil                U32ART
U34RT                           500 kcmil                U34ART
U36RT                           600 kcmil                U36ART
U39RT                           750 kcmil                U39ART-2
PT29291                       Die Case                  PT29291

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