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  • Tired of running out of power at critical times?
  • Frustrated with constantly purchasing different types of batteries that quickly fail and need replaced?
  • Would you like a single battery system that will run all your DC tools, lights and equipment with more reliability and longer run times? 

Lightweight and easy to transport, Robopaks® are heavy-duty all weather systems that provide stable and reliable DC power – WITH EXTREME RUN TIMES.  With advanced battery technology, providing multiple voltage capabilities (from 6v to 36v), a single Robopak® can power an infinite number of different brand and voltage tools, lights and equipment.  Robopaks® also solve charging problems associated with other types of batteries.  Charge friendly, Robopaks® do not have memory problems, allowing recharge at any point of discharge and they can be left on charge when not in use.  Additional features include cost saving refurbish battery replacement programs.


Designed for RAPID INTERVENTION, EXTRICATION, CONFINED SPACE, SHORING, STRUCTURAL COLLAPSE and numerous other needs, Robopaks®, Robotools® and Robolights® will provide long lasting portable power that will save you money and  - FINISH THE JOB!


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