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Military Fire and Rescue Industry and Power Utilities

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Robotools - manufactured by Aircraft Dynamics Corporation - are used by soldiers on and off the battlefield enabling M-1 Abram Tanks, Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles, LAVs, Multiple Launch Rocket Systems and HUMVs to be battle ready. > Learn More

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Designed for RAPID INTERVENTION, EXTRICATION, CONFINED SPACE, SHORING, STRUCTURAL COLLAPSE and numerous other needs, Robopaks®, Robotools® and Robolights® will provide long lasting portable power that will save you money and - FINISH THE JOB!
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Our complete line of Robotools™, Robopaks®, Robolights®, Specialty products & Accessories are used under the most extreme conditions and are designed to meet the demands of Industrial & Power Utility personnel.
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Celebrating our 50th Anniversary

Welcome to Aircraft Dynamics' Military, Fire & Rescue, & Industrial / Utility  Divisions.  As a USA manufacturer - for over 50 years -  of the most durable, powerful, and reliable tools, lights and specialty products in the world, we take pride in solving problems and focusing on solutions for those who make our lives better and safer. 

Our first products included the Robotow®, a battery powered towbar for small single and twin-engine aircraft, as well as a ground handling system for the combat concealment of Military helicopters.  Over the years our activities and customer base has expanded.  Presently, Robotools™, Robopaks®, Robolights® including various Specialty Products & Accessories are being used all over the world.

Please tour our website.  Products can be purchased here on line, by calling us or through our distributors.  Specific catalogs and information sheets can be downloaded from this site or they can be sent to you upon request.


Please give us a call if you have any questions:

1-419-331-0371 or 1-800-874-4702. 


“Solving Problems

 For Those Who Help Others

 IS Our Business.”

Phone: 800-874-4702 | Fax: 800-456-9244
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